Guide Dogs Australia

Guide Dogs Australia The Guide Dogs Australia operate as charities in each state of Australia, providing support and services for the vision impaired. By focusing on the central relationship between the guide dog and its owner, the organisations symbol reinforces the idea that the eye of the dog acts as the eye of the owner. […]


The Design Foundation agIdeas In 1990, what was to become the world’s largest student design conference, was founded in Melbourne, Australia. Over a period of twenty-five years, the conference hosted over six hundred and sixty of the world’s leading designers. Within the conference formats there were a number of specific programmes designed to inform, educate […]

World Vision Australia

World Vision Australia The established international corporate symbol for World Vision was the only common element in a brand programme that over-arched many project initiatives. The organisation’s own presence was totally diminished in a sea of graphic styles developed for individual fundraising activities. The expenditure of funds may have been effective in achieving some initiatives […]

Hospital of Hope Foundation

Hospital of Hope Foundation The Hospital of Hope Timor-Leste and its foundation was established to raise capital for the construction of a hospital in East Timor. The identity for its brand was inspired by the local weavers and their craft. Hospital of Hope Foundation The Hospital of Hope Timor-Leste and its foundation was established to […]

Bluearth Foundation

Bluearth Foundation Momentem Bluearth takes an approach to active living that goes beyond traditional sport and education models. The development of a name and brand identity for a new initiative that reflected the new business model and builds on the Bluearth heritage, values, knowledge and expertise. The Momentem programme provides human movement and well being […]

Cathy Freeman Foundation

Cathy Freeman Foundation Cathy Freeman’s athletic achievements are well recognised around the world. Less understood is the work of the not-for-profit foundation she created. The Cathy Freeman Foundation supports more than 1600 indigenous children and their families, from the most remote areas of the country. With limited promotional funds the brand and the foundation’s annual […]