GIO Developments

Galadari Investment Office (GIO) GIO Developments Galadari Investment Office (GIO) in Dubai aspires to become the world’s preeminent luxury holding company by leveraging the value of the world’s best brands. A refreshed brand identity language across all communications was developed for their luxury real estate developments and acquisitions. Galadari Investment Office (GIO) GIO Developments Galadari […]

World Trade Center

World Trade Center The development of a distinct visual language as a cornerstone to the environmental branding for the World Trade Center in Barcelona translated to both directional and destination signage. The graphic theme embraced the entire site with a large globe at its entranceway, announcing the center’s presence. The extension of this language was […]


Group Laterbank and SURBHI Property Espacio The two largest property developers in Peru joined forces to create a city-changing project in the capital of Lima. Group Laterbank and SURBHI Property’s plan included four residential towers, two office buildings, a conversation centre, a Four Seasons Hotel and an underground shopping mall carpark. Over seventy percent of […]


Astad Sanad When the need for change is required but the need for maintaining what exists appears to make this more difficult, a broader visual language can often accommodate and maximise both agendas. Sanad is a Qatar-based company offering standardised contract templates for the design/construction industry. The company’s existing trademark was evolved into a complex […]

Collins Square

Walker Corporation Collins Square Walker Corporation has a long history of creating landmark developments that incorporate innovative design and technologies. The Collins Square project is the largest commercial development in Australia, unmatched in scale and quality. Each of the four main office towers are individually identified and symbolised with Roman numerals which, when combined, form […]

College County

College County This expansive residential property development located in an area of Beijing, was designated by the Chinese government as an academic community combining education, commerce and residential facilities. Ultimately, it will house more than ten thousand people. Formalised education in China began in a compound, with its entrance through a red archway. In a […]


Astad The government of Qatar established the Astad company to meet the growing needs of the construction industry in a country where development was happening quickly. Today, they are one of the leading asset management companies and project management consultancies within the region. The diverse nature of their clients’ architectural structures provided inspiration for a […]

Time Residences

UK Property Group  Time Residences Apartment buildings that offered residents unlimited 360 degree views of the city. This unusual project involved the construction of 24 fully revolving residential towers built in cities situated in twenty-four different time zones. Each week, the buildings complete a single full rotation. The entire project was named after the 360° […]

Da Wu Gang Park

Foshan Municipal Government Da Wu Gang Park It’s not often that the opportunity comes along to develop a concept that would totally change the landscape of a city. In a twenty-one hectare zone designated for the new business incubator, a graphically driven plan evolved, in collaboration with Walter Brooke Architects, to construct a series of […]