Melba Recordings

The Melba Foundation Melba Recordings Nellie Melba was the reigning diva in London, New York, Chicago and Europe for forty years. Her name is synonymous with music performance of unrivalled musical excellence. The foundation that carries her name is a charitable trust that was founded specifically to promote the finest classical musicians and artists and […]


Dunya Media Group Dunya Independently owned Pakistani television station, the translation of the company name simply means ‘world’, with all communication utilising Urdu, the country’s native language. While primarily focused on the domestic market, it is also positioned to be internationally accessible to all non-resident Pakistanis living abroad. This enables the expatriate community to remain […]

SBS Television

SBS Television The introduction of a multicultural television station brought with it global news and information inspiring the concept of opening up the world. The symbol was founded in an interpretation of the homolosine projection world map, orientated to the angle of the earth’s axis, 23.4°. The graphic forms of the laid flat globe provided […]

ARC Music TV

Austereo ARC Music TV With audience impatience and propensity for changing television channels, creating an identity for a music television channel prompted discussion about how to make the channel instantly identifiable to viewers. Numerous promotional ‘stings’ were produced to maintain freshness, but always maintaining the singular arc brand element. A curved line graphic interpretation of […]


Grupo CIE Ocesa On the occasion of its 25th birthday, the world’s third largest entertainment and events production company decided to celebrate with a change of identity. Within the company name, the ‘es’ letters, the Spanish word for ‘is’, gave opportunity for the company to state that Ocesa is entertainment or to make the statement […]

Seven Network Australia

Seven West Media Seven Network Australia The visual history of an organisation can be successfully adapted to communicate its future direction. Since 1956, the Seven television network branding has evolved to reflect changes to the organisation and to its programming. Over the years, the figure seven has remained a constant, although in a number of […]

Working Title Films

Working Title Films Often movie titles summarise the mood and storyline of the film. But with the movie Elizabeth: The Golden Age, the task was to also introduce the main characters, establish the political environment and accompanying issues in order for the audience to fully appreciate the movie to come. It seemed appropriate to follow […]